Toxic Part 1 - Toxic Thoughts

11 September, 2022 Darren Dwyer

Fear, discontent, and criticism are all toxic thought patterns that can pollute the Christian and impede their walk of faith and their effectiveness for the Kingdom. Entertain a toxic thought and it becomes a belief and then an identity and ultimately a stronghold. Join Darren as he teaches about the toxicity of our thought life and how to overcome it.


The Good Work Part 4 - Shut the Door on Distraction

28 August, 2022 Darren Dwyer

As we conclude the final part of the story of Nehemiah, we see his determination to say no to any kind of distraction and his realisation that what started out as a 'good work' was indeed a great work.


The Good Work Part 3 - Unswerving

21 August, 2022 Darren Dwyer

Chapter three of Nehemiah is a wonderful picture of a community coming together and getting a job done, shoulder to shoulder. It is a beautiful picture of what the Church should be like today. But it's not the full picture. If we are about the business of God we will face opposition, and for Nehemiah and the people of Jerusalem that comes in chapter 4. How did they deal with it, well listen to Darren and recognise the importance of the word he has chosen for this sermon - unswerving!


One life at a time

14 August, 2022 Major Lance Jeffrey

Join Major Lance Jeffrey as he tracks the growth of the Jesus movement from John Baptist and clearly demonstrates that transformation happens one life at a time as individuals encounter Jesus for themselves.


The Good Work Part 2 - Next Steps

7 August, 2022 Darren Dwyer

If we have a passion inspired by God how do we move forward? What are the next steps? Today we learn from Nehemiah that you have to define the vision, you have to plan carefully and you must inspire others.


The Good Work - Part 1

31 July, 2022 Darren Dwyer

What do we do when enough is enough, when we can't take it anymore? Today join Darren as he teaches about an OT character called Nehemiah and what his heart led him too when he couldn't take the suffering of his people anymore. (Sermon inspired by teaching by Pastor Craig Groeschel)

We apologise for the wonky blue appearance of the video.


The One Anothers - Honour

24 July, 2022 Rod Denton

In a moving and inspiring sermon Rod clearly demonstrates the powerful message that honouring one another makes to those who witness it.


The One Anothers - Judge

17 July, 2022 Josh Sanders

Paul makes it clear that forming judgements against one another doesn't have a place in the body of Christ. Join Josh as he unpacks yet another 'one another'!


The One Anothers - Grumblers

3 July, 2022 Darren Dwyer

There is nothing more toxic and damaging to the body of Christ than grumbling. Grumbling is the audible sound of a discontent and disbelieving heart. James said "do not grumble against one another", and he did so with good reason. The Bible is littered with people, families and groups that grumble, moan, murmur and complain...... and it never goes well for any of them!