The One Anothers - 'Web Life'

19 June, 2022 Darren Dwyer

Why do we lie? It's a great question that really does need some attention. We all do it and we could easily do a google search and look up on the internet what the latest, psychological, philosophical or academic view might be about this pretty widespread human behaviour. But the question Darren asks today is personal, why do we lie? What motives are at play, what provokes us to drift into the world of untruth. It truly is a question that needs some attention if the body of Christ is to be truly healthy.


Knowing God as Father

12 June, 2022 Pastor Greg Johnston

Pastor Greg Johnston shares with us the importance of truly knowing God as a loving Father. This fantastic sermon is born out of his devotional book of the same name which is available free online. Our current newsletter includes details of how to download Greg's book.


The Power of the Holy Spirit

5 June, 2022 Darren Cox

On this Pentecost Sunday Darren outlines four things that the power of the Holy Spirit brings into people's lives. He wants us to share Jesus boldly, be strong when we are weak, have hope overflowing and know the fullness of God. Bless you all on this birthday of the Church.


The One Anothers - Work Required

29 May, 2022 Rod Denton

Rod Denton starts the new teaching series entitled 'the one anothers' with Jesus' last intimate words to his disciples. This was so crucial that within the course of his last conversation he mentions three times the importance of loving one another.


Gift Wrapped Part 7 - Fan into Flame

22 May, 2022 Darren Dwyer

To conclude his mini-series on the 'motivational' spiritual gifts Darren explores Paul's advice to his young protegee Timothy. 'Fan into Flame' highlights Paul concerns for the young man and also gives us some excellent insights into the importance of spiritual gifts within the life and growth of the church.


Ordinary to Extraordinary

15 May, 2022 Major Sue Wallace

Join Major Sue Wallace as she shows that we have a God who always makes the extraordinary out of the ordinary.


Gift Wrapped - Part 6

8 May, 2022 Darren Cox

Why is money a taboo subject? Why do we so often miss the blessing and provision of God? The simple truth is that we don't understand the spiritual dynamics of giving, we leave ourselves outside the economy of the Kingdom. We experience, poverty, lack and scarcity when we are promised abundance and blessing.


The Rise and Rise of an Orphan

1 May, 2022 Pastor Paul Newsham

Join Pastor Paul Newsham as he looks into the life of Esther. The orphan who became Queen.


Women of Valour

24 April, 2022 Josh Sanders

Join Josh Sanders as he speaks about 'women of valour' and unpacks Proverbs 31:10-31. The church needs to show the world, more than ever before, how God wants men to honour women. This is a great word for this day and age.