Anxious for Nothing - Part 3

23 January, 2022 Darren Dwyer

Anxiety is always spiritual - It is the warning light that tells us we need to be praying.


Anxious For Nothing - Part 2

16 January, 2022 Darren Dwyer

So what is really behind Elijah's anxiety. In fact what is behind all of our anxiety? Can the life of Elijah and his relationship with God give us any insights?


Splash 16th January 2022

16 January, 2022 Rachel, Darren & Huxtable

Come on in and have some fun at Splash.


Anxious For Nothing - Part 1

9 January, 2022 Darren Dwyer

Anxiety and stress play a huge role in our society with many many people struggling on a daily basis. In this 5 week series Darren aims to show that it is not a modern phenomena but something humanity has always had to deal with. There are a few mistakes we can make to end up overwhelmed and anxious, so today Darren will highlight those in the life of Elijah an OT prophet.


Splash 9th January 2022

9 January, 2022 Darren Dwyer

Come on in and join the fun. Splash looks at the story of Elijah and how God told him what he really needed to know.


ABCD for 2022

2 January, 2022 Darren Cox

Joseph is one of my favourite characters in the Bible and I believe he has some attitudes and approaches to life that can help us navigate 2022.

Bless you all and thank you to the team who made this worship possible today.


Splash 2nd January 2022

2 January, 2022 Rachel & Huxtable

Have some fun as we learn about staying grateful and staying positive. Sorry we can't be together at Splash

Bless you all.


Love for Us

19 December, 2021 Darren Dwyer

On this 4th Sunday of Advent we take a closer look at the incarnation and discover what a miracle and mystery the birth of God as a baby in Bethlehem truly is.



5 December, 2021 Darren Cox

On this Foster Parents Appreciation Sunday we spend some time looking at the 'Foster Father' of Jesus. What a man Joseph was, fathering the son of God so that he could complete his mission to bring us all into the family of God.