Fully Assured - Part 2

15 August, 2021 Darren Cox

Whilst our work, service and love for our Christian brothers and sisters plays no role in our salvation, they do play a huge role in our assurance. Hebrews 6 makes it clear that knowing and fulfilling our Kingdom purpose to serve the church is a clear pathway to the full assurance that we belong to Jesus and Jesus belongs to us forever.


Fully Assured - Part 1

8 August, 2021 Darren Cox

Faith is believing that Jesus is the 'Good Shepherd', assurance is knowing that you are one of his sheep! Join us on a journey into the full and blessed assurance that Father God wants each of us to experience right here, right now.


Splash - Renew your Strength

1 August, 2021

Bless all of you today as you learn that whatever happens in life God has promised to be with you, and help you recover to face a new day.


Impact the World

1 August, 2021 Darren Cox

The disciples were left in no doubt by Jesus that they had been chosen for a purpose. He called them to be 'fishers of men' when he first met them, and then taught in many different ways that they were meant to be fruitful. Jesus wanted his followers to be left in no doubt that he expected them to impact the world.


Splash - Zacchaeus

25 July, 2021

Welcome to Splash. Have some fun as we look at how Jesus transformed the life of a little man called Zacchaeus. Make sure you download the activities and if you can take a photo of what you have done and send it through to darren.cox@salvationarmy.org.au and we'll create a gallery


Service to the Body

25 July, 2021 Darren Cox

Jesus said that he came to serve and not to be served, he then lived a life modelling that service and instructed his followers to do the same. To truly be his disciples we all have to willing to serve others, that is how the church truly becomes the body of Christ. At Riverside our discipleship pathway, 'The Riverside Walk', will help everyone discover their gifts, their passions, their purpose and their place. We intentionally want people to find and use their servant identity.


Spiritual Disciplines

4 July, 2021 Darren Cox

Spiritually healthy people are disciplined people, they engage in activities that go above and beyond their own appetites and desires in order to grow their relationship with God who in turn is spiritually transforming them into the likeness of his son Jesus Christ. If Riverside is going to be a disciple making church then spiritual disciplines are crucial to our health and effectiveness. Listen today as Darren explains why spiritual disciplines are so important.


A Missional Marriage

21 February, 2021 Darren Cox

As we celebrate the marriage of Rachel and Joshua, Darren takes a look at the roles and responsibilities of the husband and wife and explains that every marriage reflects and embodies the relationship between Jesus and his Church. Jesus loves the church and has given it a mission, the same is true of every marriage.