What is your Wake?

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15 January, 2023Erica Jones

Join Erica as she asked the question what is your wake? What are you leaving behind you as you make your way through life. Are you impacting or influencing?

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The Others

22 January, 2023 Josh Sanders

Isn't it wonderful when someone understands you; when someone just gets how you are feeling and knows how to respond in ways that touch and transform your heart. Jesus was a genius at this. Listen as Josh does a wonderful job in unpacking the way Jesus used empathy to reach and connect with those around him. You will be blessed.


Through the Waters

11 December, 2022 Darren Dwyer

Baptism is an ancient pattern that we see in the Bible time and time again. It is no surprise, given it's depth and meaning, that the early Christians were so keen to recognise its importance in their walk of discipleship. Join Darren today as he outlines God's constant desire to bring people 'through the waters'.


An Authentic Man

11 December, 2022 Darren Dwyer

Joseph the husband of Mary, lived the events of the first Christmas Story in real time. He acted according to his character. who he really was. In doing so gives us a insight into what an 'authentic' godly man looks like and acts like. This Christmas the best gift you can be gentlemen is to be an authentic man.