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Lockers For Life

We have been doing some research and have developed an idea that could really support the homeless and rough sleepers in our town. It’s called ‘lockers for life’. Based on our conversations with those unfortunate to be homeless, one persistent anxiety is what to do with their personal possessions during the day. Fearing removal or being stolen they have to carry everything with them. Nothing tags a person as homeless more than a trolley or large hold-all or even layers of clothing unsuitable for the weather conditions. This makes attending appointments, shopping or even just having a coffee in a café a non-starter for them. The lockers would be managed by us a Riverside and wont be marked, or in anyway made obvious what their purpose is. The idea is to locate them in areas where lockers would be expected and which also enable 24 hour access, the train station or visitor centre for example.

If we have a dedicated community connections worker we can build relationships with the individuals, offer them the basic services we at Riverside can provide (showers, food, clothing, internet access, charging facilities etc.) and in time assist with accommodation.

This idea has been posted on The Salvation Army’s IDEAS website and if I can get 25 or more people vote for this idea then it goes forward to a project review stage. This could then lead to some mission funding. I should say that the Mayor is behind this idea, we just need funding to get it off the ground. So, if you agree that this is worth pursuing, please follow the link below and vote. Better still add a comment after you have voted. You can also access this website via the News section on our website.


This will also be posted on Facebook and if you see it share it onwards. The more votes the greater the possibility of funding. This would be the first step in seeing Gawler have meaningful and relevant homelessness support.