Integrity - Part 2 Let Your Yes Be Yes and Your No Be No

9 June, 2024 Darren Dwyer


Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No

2 June, 2024 Darren Dwyer

Jesus makes it pretty clear in his teaching about truthfulness and promise-making that there are no levels of truthfulness. Jesus simple states that your yes and your no should be uttered as if they are oaths made in the name of the God. Join Darren as he explores the implications of this radical teaching over the next few weeks.


Patient Endurance

26 May, 2024 Darren Dwyer

Join Darren as he speaks on James Chapter 5:7-11 and the importance of bearing up under pressure and being steadfast under fire which actually is the true meaning of the word patience. We all face dark and difficult seasons but Christians should not hibernate and give up, what ever the circumstances we should endure for the sake of Jesus.

There is a rather funny slip of the tongue in this sermon and if you can identify it a prize is on offer. Just write in with your answer and if you are right Darren will pay for two tickets to a newly released movie at any synagogue of your choice!!!!


United Pentecost Service - Gospel Freedom

19 May, 2024 Rev Josh Scherer


Beautifully Angry

19 May, 2024 Will Hall from Compassion

Will Hall from Compassion bought us an inspiring message this week on 'Beautifully Angry' which points us to Jesus and His Kingdom work. Will has been in pastoral ministry since 2001 and in his new role at Compassion, he has taken on the mission of 'releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name.


Call The Midwives

12 May, 2024 Darren Dwyer

The book of Exodus recounts the life of Moses and the escape of the Israelites from Egyptian captivity and slavery, but did you know this epic part of the Israelites history story was only made possible by the bravery of five women. Fittingly on mothers day we look at the impact that godly and compassionate women can have on a whole nation.


Trusting an unknown future to a known God

5 May, 2024 Darren Dwyer

We might have the best plans in the world, but James makes it clear that if God is not part of those plans, then we are heading into enemy territory. In fact, he goes as far to say that the only plan we need to follow, is the one devised by God. Join Darren as he unpacks this vital piece of teaching from James chapter 4:13-17.


Overly Critical?

28 April, 2024 Darren Dwyer

There is a difference between making a judgement and being judgemental. In today's sermon Darren, using the wisdom found in James chapter 4:11-12, highlights the times we must make a judgement and the dangers of being judgemental and overly critical.


The Wisdom Choice

21 April, 2024 Darren Dwyer

James writes about two types of wisdom, 'earthly wisdom' and 'wisdom from above'. The contrast couldn't be more stark and the implications are polar opposites. Join Darren as he works through the consequences of being either wise in the eyes of the world or wise in the eyes of heaven.